PDX Listing Photos

professional real estate photography for Portland and Vancouver

We are a full service real estate media production company. In addition to standard high quality listing photos, we also offer a whole suite of additional services.

These include aerial photography using state of the art drones, operated by FAA licensed sUAS photographers to capture stunning aerial imagery of your listings.

We can also combine our excellent cameras, custom music, and creative ability to showcase your listings in video in a way that gets buyers excited about your property, while also helping to build your brand as an agent. From epic videos showing huge properties, to dedicated social media content, we’ve got you covered!

Finally, we provide Matterport 3D tours and schematic floor plans. These tours are hands down the best way to let buyers see every detail of the listing. They especially appeal to out of state buyers, and others who only have so much bandwidth for visiting listings in person. With a 3D tour, you know that every showing is to a buyer who is already invested in your sellers listing.

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